Barron River Afternoon Rafting

Best fun we’ve had in a long time!!!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating   Just did the half day rafting tour with my partner, on our way back to the hotel. It was truly a fantastic experience and we have had so much fun. Our guide Ben was absolutely amazing!! We admire the electrifiying energy and enthusiasm he puts in his job, having been in the business for more than 10 years. The whole staff are also helpful and friendly which made this an unforgettable experince! Would highly recommend!!

Great Experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Myself and my family had the best time with the team from RnR White Water Rafting, everything was organsied extremly well, a great bit thank you to our guide Macca he made the day, thanks for dumping Kelli over the side and actually getting Shane overboard as well great effort and thanks again.

A must do in Cairns!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating The best experience of my life! So much fun and really nice staff! Definitely worth doing and it can also easily be done on a rainy day where there isn't much else to do in cairns!

Excellent experience!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Action-packed rafting, great food and friendly staff....can't ask for more! A must do activity while you are in Cairns!

Had a hoot!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Partied down the river with a great guide and good group of people. Can't believe I had waited so long to do this

Fun day in the river

Great day on the barron river. We had an excellent raft guide named Tim who m ade the trip down the Barron River very fun! I had a blast but wish we could have had more time on the river, next time we plan to do the Tully river!

Short, but fun trip, just don’t sit in front.

trip_advisor_5_star_rating We did the half day, and it was a decent experience. Its a pretty quick trip, but thats expected based on what's advertised. Unfortunately it's almost too short to really get into it. It takes a while for people without much rafting experience to get confident in even the basics, so while you do get to paddle a fair share, the guide seems to be doing a lot of the work.

Awesome experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating My friend & I booked a half day/ afternoon tour on the Baron river. The guides were friendly & provided good safety & general rafting instruction. Our raft guide, Riley, was really experienced. Fortunately (I think) the river was really full from recent rain (apparently at 6.9m & the cancel once it gets to 7m) so the rapids were quite strong.

Great Fun

trip_advisor_5_star_rating We had a great time on on our rafting adventure. The guides are very experienced and a lot of fun, they will make sure you get soaking wet. If you've been rafting before or it's you're first time, it a must do while you are there.

Lots of fun

trip_advisor_5_star_rating This was oneof the best activities we did as a family. Lots of fun. Really good fun loving guides.

One of BEST Thing’s I’ve ever done I had wanted to go white water rafting for so to do it on my Aust. trip with some great friends and had the time of my life. Loved so much wanted to go again! Didn't want to leave!! We had lot of laughs along the way. This is a must to activiity to do...I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Great trip on the Barron

trip_advisor_5_star_rating My fiancé and I booked the trip on the Barron after reading reviews on here, and it was definitely worth it! Our guide was awesome which turned what would have been a good trip into a great trip. Overall since it was the dry season the water levels were low which made the rapids a bit small, so if you are going there in the dry season I might suggest the Tully river, but for a first time rafting we had a great experience I would recommend to everyone!

Really fun day for first time rafters!

unicornunicorn  backdrop/custombackdrop/custom-theme  unicornunicorn-custom  -backdropbackdropbackdrops  birthday/unicornbirthday/unicorn My Fiance and I had never rafted before, so we wanted to go on a fun but easier trip and the Baron river was perfect for that. It had some slightly challenging rapids (in the middle of the dry season) and was a really good time. The highlight of the trip was our guide, Johann's I believe who took what would have been a good day and turned it into a great day! I would highly recommend doing this, or the Tully river if you get a chance in Cairns!

fun day on barron

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Just do it!! we had so much fun with Tim & Scott as guide. Lots of laughs but when its time to row... we were so focused. Its a must do activity when you visit Cairns THANKS GUYS

Best White Water Rafting!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Had a great time, rafted some awesome rapids. All round fantastic day!

River Rafting Madness!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating The most fun I've had with my pants on. Actually they came off a couple times so it was an all-around good time! If you go to Australia you simply have to take a trip with these guys.

top experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating wonderful staff, top guys, and most exhilarating experience

Great fun with safe & knowledgable staff

trip_advisor_5_star_rating None of us had ever done any type of water rafting before, so we were a little apprehensive. The guides however went through in great depth whilst we travelled to the location and also let us have a little practice when we got to the river. When we had passed all the rapids, there was even time for a nature and history lesson about the local area. Great fun with a wonderful company.

I can highly recommend this Australian Adventure

trip_advisor_5_star_rating I can highly recommend this Australian Adventure experience to all travellers visiting Queensland a must do in Cairns. A great Day spent with great people who make the experience truly and adventurous one.