Lots of action and fun


We had a great day rafting on the Tully river. The river gorge offers great scenary and the rapids are good enough to give you a thrill but not scary. Our guide was lots of fun and liked to play with us, he intentionally capsized the raft once so we all fell in the water.

I would not advise the trip if your are not comfortable in the water, you don’t need to be a good swimmer as you wear a life jacket but avoid if not having total control makes you panic or let your guide know at the start. We were all non native english speakers and some with limited understading but the guide repeated explanations were easy to understand (he did not hesitate to make sounds or mimic actions to make sure we all understood). The lunch was descent and hot which was welcome on a rather chilly day. The break was too short for me as we arrived last and I did not have time to have a coffee to warm me up but I understand you can’t wait for everyone. The only point taht could have been better is that the guide did not give much information on the river, the wildlife or historic fact. There are a few calm sections on the river that would provide a good opportunity to give a bit of information on the area. In summary, this is heaps of fun for people with a sense of adventure and humor and are not afraid of water.

Julien R from Brisbane, Australia


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