Short, but fun trip, just don’t sit in front.


We did the half day, and it was a decent experience. Its a pretty quick trip, but thats expected based on what’s advertised. Unfortunately it’s almost too short to really get into it. It takes a while for people without much rafting experience to get confident in even the basics, so while you do get to paddle a fair share, the guide seems to be doing a lot of the work.

The rapids are decent, and the guides are nice, but all in all I think a longer day may be necessary to fully enjoy a rafting experience.

That said, for being a short trip it was pretty fun, and if you are just looking for a taste of white water rafting this is probably pretty perfect. My only complaint was during the ‘surfing’ portion of the trip. At one point the guide asks us to turn back upstream and steer into the hole created by the rapid. This can be a fun experience, as I’ve done it on previous trips, but I don’t think I’d ever sat in the front. The front two seats nearly get drowned. We could barely hold on, and the water shoots at high velocity into your face for a good 15s-30s making it impossible to breathe, and really hard to enjoy yourself. Not to mention this is one of the better photo ops, and in nearly every photo their photographer takes we are completely submerged and not visible. The photos are a good value, but considering we weren’t in most of them, we opted not to buy.

Visited April 2012

Jamie44 from Los Angeles


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