Awesome experience


My friend & I booked a half day/ afternoon tour on the Baron river.

The guides were friendly & provided good safety & general rafting instruction. Our raft guide, Riley, was really experienced. Fortunately (I think) the river was really full from recent rain (apparently at 6.9m & the cancel once it gets to 7m) so the rapids were quite strong.

At one point the 4 guides pulled the rafts to the bank & got out to inspect the upcoming rapids. Given how strong they were 1 guide waited nearby while the others went through. Unfortunately, the raft I was in overturned as we were going through the strongest point which was pretty scary, but Riley quickly started giving each person instruction – in my case, to float down the river for a little.

Another tour group behind us took their rafts out & walked that section on the bank.

Whilst giving us all a fright, I think the 6 of us in the raft agreed that in hindsight it was pretty exciting & added to our adventure.

The company provides a photographer and at $30 for about 50 pics it’s not too bad, especially if you’re slipping the cost with a partner or friend.

I loved the rafting & would definitely do it again.


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