Absolutely amazing white water rafting experience


My friends and I booked a hotel in Mission Beach to stay the night before the White Water Rafting in Tully River. We were then picked up by RnR at 7.30am, and arrived at the meeting point by 8.30am. By 9am, we were on a bus on the way to the starting point of the rafting trip.

We were then divided into groups of 6 – based on our friends and our preference for the type of adventure we wanted. They wanted to know if we wanted just a normal-ish ride, or to have our raft turned over. Since we’re not all very strong swimmers, we opted for the normal-ish ride.

Our guide was probably one of the cookiest of the lost – he was a little rough on the edge, but he commanded the raft very well. Though only one of us had any rafting/kayaking experience before, it was easy enough to get into the rhythm of it. The first few minutes were on grade 1-2 rapids, which helped us get used to the paddling and the movement of the raft.

From there on, it was grade 3-4 rapids, and 4 hours of fun. The photos speak for themselves!

Visited September 2011

rugratsfc from Townsville, Australia


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