Great Day, Good Instructors

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Decided to go on a full days white water rafting on the Tully River with this company and they were great. The instructors made us feel very safe while ensuring we had fun but experienced as much as possible.

We were picked up in Mission Beach and driven to Tully, from there we waited for a coach coming from Cairns with people and jumped on that coach, the journey from Tully town upto the river was only 30 mins and the coach was nice. During the drive one of the instructors gave a detailed safety briefing which was clear and concise. The helmets and life jackets were all good quality.

There were 6 to a raft plus the instructor and on the day we went there were only 5 rafts in total. We went down fairly large drops backwards, rafted under a waterfall so the water pounded our heads, had numerous opportunities to jump into the river and float downstream, a couple of opportunities to jump off rocks into the river. Half way through the day we stopped for about 30 mins for lunch on the river bank, the food was ok, fried burgers & sausages with salad and a bit of fruit. The afternoon was then spent rafting down the river to meet the coach.

The rafting was great fun, not at all boring there was usually always an obstacle to go round, over or down, you’d be amazed at how flexible the rafts are. I would definately recommend this trip, worth the money and great fun but be prepared to get very wet!

Visited January 2011

Victoriarhalliday from Melbourne, Australia


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