Abosolutly AMAZING.!!!!


If you go to Cairns then this has to be done..!!!

White water rafting on the Tully river seriously was one of the best things i have EVER done.! Our guide was called Rod, he was an experienced rafter and made everyone feel at ease and a good laugh. Some of the views of the surrounding forrest were breath taking and if it wasnt for the rapids, you realy would sit and stare all day!!!

Parts of the river are quieter and you can jump out and gentley float down the river with your life jacket. Half way down you get a bbq before you finish off. When people ask me about memorable moments of my time travelling this is right up there..!!

As there are loads of boats on the river and safty is such a major issue the trip down is stop and start but you appreciate this after as when its finished you just want to go back. Plus its also a good laugh to watch other people fall in.!!!

If you are doing this then also do the sky dive at mission beach, the company was ‘jump the beach’. You do both in 2 days and stay at a hostel over night, it saves on travelling back and forward to cairns..!!!!!

dannyboy87 from London


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