A great day out

Although the water was a little low, the rapids were still great fun. I’d been rafting before in other countries, so was looking forward to this one too. There were 8 of us in the raft, 7 travellers and 1 instructor. Along with us there were several other rafts too, all heading down the Tulley river. With so many rafts, we often had to wait to others to catch up.It slowed the day down, along with the instructors having to get out to act as safety guides when the other rafts had to go down the rapids. This meant that we often had a lot of waiting. However the instructors kept us entertained and a few times we were allowed to drop into the river and float down stream in our lifejackets.

Lunch was provided and excellent, BBQ and salad in a beautiful setting. After lunch we continued to raft and were allowed to jump off one rock into the river on one section. The journey times were long, 2 hours from Cairns, but they picked up bang on time.

Suddabmp01 from West Yorkshire


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