friendly staff  i love it! i was in the water for 5 hours and it was amazing !! i sits in front so that i felt it .. i felt the extreme and all ! so nice .. and it is safe .. there was no accident and there was no difficulty, we all had fun .. as the staff were so friendly, and they allowed us to swim and they actually tell us the story about the nature ! great


Best fun we’ve had in a long time!!!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating   Just did the half day rafting tour with my partner, on our way back to the hotel. It was truly a fantastic experience and we have had so much fun. Our guide Ben was absolutely amazing!! We admire the electrifiying energy and enthusiasm he puts in his job, having been in the business for more than 10 years. The whole staff are also helpful and friendly which made this an unforgettable experince! Would highly recommend!!

Great Experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Myself and my family had the best time with the team from RnR White Water Rafting, everything was organsied extremly well, a great bit thank you to our guide Macca he made the day, thanks for dumping Kelli over the side and actually getting Shane overboard as well great effort and thanks again.

Fantastic service and brilliant day’s family fun

prom dress online Highly recommend this Cairns activity. We had a wonderful family day out with our 2 kids (boy & girl aged 13 & 14). We were staying with family as we are from Alice Springs. The bus trip was comfortable with Lloyd our MC providing great info and safety instructions. Once out on the river - there were 9 rafts in our group (the bus was full!), we had a great day despite it being a drizzly and cool day.

Out of this world

The trip was a full day of fun, white water and food... A good way to spend a day

Great day on the river!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Went rafting with my husband and parents and had a great trip! There were about 15 boats, which is quite a big group, but it was very organized and didn't have a "bus trip" feel at all. Everyone was very relaxed and organized, which helped the trip and stops to flow smoothly. We had breakfast on the way which was preordered once you get on the bus - definitely do this - and then lunch on the river at a camp they have.

Amazing fun!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Just finished a full day on the tully river, our guide Tim was fantastic, ensuring that everyone had a great time. We were picked up early and started the two our drive to the river. We were given a full briefing of what to expect and how the day would run. After arriving we quickly let off down the river. Tim repeated the safely instructions and enured everyone felt comfortable.we had a great group on our raft and had lots of fun.

Lots of action and fun We had a great day rafting on the Tully river. The river gorge offers great scenary and the rapids are good enough to give you a thrill but not scary. Our guide was lots of fun and liked to play with us, he intentionally capsized the raft once so we all fell in the water.

Sensational fun

trip_advisor_5_star_rating A really great fun thing to do . Ash the guide was excellent . Lots of fun . His Japanese seemed pretty good too . Don't be afraid to jump in the water for a dip if you can , it's part of the excitement . Just a tip if they ask you to help carry the raft up the track on your head, say no, the rafts are bloody heavy ! Overall though River rafting = really good fun

A must do in Cairns!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating The best experience of my life! So much fun and really nice staff! Definitely worth doing and it can also easily be done on a rainy day where there isn't much else to do in cairns!

Great rafting day!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Make sure you go on the full day trip. It is worth it! I don't think the half day trip would have been worth it because for the first few rapids it is mostly teaching.The guides are very helpful and truely concerned with your safety. Our guide, Marty, was hilarious and made the trip very fun. It was scary at times, especially when you fall out, but totally worth it! Make sure you listen to instructions so you know what to do!

Excellent experience!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Action-packed rafting, great food and friendly staff....can't ask for more! A must do activity while you are in Cairns!

Had a hoot!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Partied down the river with a great guide and good group of people. Can't believe I had waited so long to do this

Fun day in the river

Great day on the barron river. We had an excellent raft guide named Tim who m ade the trip down the Barron River very fun! I had a blast but wish we could have had more time on the river, next time we plan to do the Tully river!

Short, but fun trip, just don’t sit in front.

trip_advisor_5_star_rating We did the half day, and it was a decent experience. Its a pretty quick trip, but thats expected based on what's advertised. Unfortunately it's almost too short to really get into it. It takes a while for people without much rafting experience to get confident in even the basics, so while you do get to paddle a fair share, the guide seems to be doing a lot of the work.

Get Wet n Get Loud on the Tully River

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Wow, so much fun!! Its worth the $200 for the day. We had a great guide for the day which made it an awesome experience. The rapids were fairly easy with a few good drops which made it really good. The RnR Rafting team were very professional and made sure we had a safe day. On the down side, don't expect a photo, but you do get a chance to get photo images on a USB at a cost... But this is the norm these days.

good fun

the Tully rafting is good fun. the photos are over priced, $100 for the usb stick with photos is too much, even if shared by 2 families. food is so-so, expected better for $200.

Awesome experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating My friend & I booked a half day/ afternoon tour on the Baron river. The guides were friendly & provided good safety & general rafting instruction. Our raft guide, Riley, was really experienced. Fortunately (I think) the river was really full from recent rain (apparently at 6.9m & the cancel once it gets to 7m) so the rapids were quite strong.

An amazing experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating This is one of the best things we did in Australia, it is a full day trip from Cairns to the Tully river, lunch is included in the form of a BBQ, you can hire shoes if you don't have appropriate footwear or don't want to get your trainers wet. The staff are friendly and good fun. You can buy a DVD and photos afterards which are expensive but well worth the cost.

Great River, Ok Company

RnR and Raging Thunder seem to have merged and are now one company. I went down the Tully River with them. The river was great with exciting rapids and even a tall rock to jump off. Unfortunately, the staff left a little something to be desired. Our guide was pleasant, but didn't really add anything to the trip.

Absolutely amazing white water rafting experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating My friends and I booked a hotel in Mission Beach to stay the night before the White Water Rafting in Tully River. We were then picked up by RnR at 7.30am, and arrived at the meeting point by 8.30am. By 9am, we were on a bus on the way to the starting point of the rafting trip. We were then divided into groups of 6 - based on our friends and our preference for the type of adventure we wanted. They wanted to know if we wanted just a normal-ish ride, or to have our raft turned over. Since we're not all very strong swimmers, we opted for the normal-ish ride.

Great Fun

trip_advisor_5_star_rating We had a great time on on our rafting adventure. The guides are very experienced and a lot of fun, they will make sure you get soaking wet. If you've been rafting before or it's you're first time, it a must do while you are there.

Lots of fun

trip_advisor_5_star_rating This was oneof the best activities we did as a family. Lots of fun. Really good fun loving guides.

Expensive but amazing

trip_advisor_5_star_rating This was one of the highlights of my time in Cairns. It's a long day but it was amazing fun. The coaches from Cairns drive down to Mission Beach to pick up people there before heading up to the Tully so if I were doing it again I'd have taken the trip from Mission Beach and gotten a lie-in. Our guide did his best to get us soaked at every opportunity, which was great. The river is apparently one of the best in Australia for rafting, Great day!

Great Day, Good Instructors

lace wedding gown NZ Decided to go on a full days white water rafting on the Tully River with this company and they were great. The instructors made us feel very safe while ensuring we had fun but experienced as much as possible. We were picked up in Mission Beach and driven to Tully, from there we waited for a coach coming from Cairns with people and jumped on that coach, the journey from Tully town upto the river was only 30 mins and the coach was nice. During the drive one of the instructors gave a detailed safety briefing which was clear and concise. The helmets and life jackets were all good quality.

A MUST do! Had an amazing time!

lace front wigs White Water rafting was not even on the schedule when our front desk mentioned that it would be fun. We signed up with RnR Rafting and had the BEST time!! We did the Tully and had so much fun. We had the best tour guide (Macca) and loved going down the rapids. We were even given the chance to jump off a cliff and go down a bunch of rapids that were rock free. The guides interact with each other and have so much fun!

Awesome Experience

gold prom dresses The trip from Trinity Beach to the river is quite long, but definitely worthwhile. Our guide was great, we had loads of fun and I would not trade it for the world. If you're looking for adventure, this is one of the must do's while you're up there. I've done and would do it again any day. RnR is also the only company to my knowledge who does a DVD and Photos, you can get both the CD and DVD for $70 and yes it's worth keeping those memories 🙂 Lunch is good, if you like a good Aussie Burger and everything else is pretty well organised.

Great day out with a friendly, fun and professional guides

trip_advisor_5_star_rating We booked with RnR Tully river full day rafting tour after a recommendation from a couple who came to rave about RnR to the tour office and we were glad that we did listen to them. The guides are all very experienced and fun. The whole day experience was a lot of fun and our guide, Callum, made all the difference. He was funny and friendly talking to all of us and telling crazy and funny stories, providing lots of information about the river and the rainforest.

One of BEST Thing’s I’ve ever done I had wanted to go white water rafting for so to do it on my Aust. trip with some great friends and had the time of my life. Loved so much wanted to go again! Didn't want to leave!! We had lot of laughs along the way. This is a must to activiity to do...I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Great trip on the Barron

trip_advisor_5_star_rating My fiancé and I booked the trip on the Barron after reading reviews on here, and it was definitely worth it! Our guide was awesome which turned what would have been a good trip into a great trip. Overall since it was the dry season the water levels were low which made the rapids a bit small, so if you are going there in the dry season I might suggest the Tully river, but for a first time rafting we had a great experience I would recommend to everyone!

Really fun day for first time rafters!

unicornunicorn  backdrop/custombackdrop/custom-theme  unicornunicorn-custom  -backdropbackdropbackdrops  birthday/unicornbirthday/unicorn My Fiance and I had never rafted before, so we wanted to go on a fun but easier trip and the Baron river was perfect for that. It had some slightly challenging rapids (in the middle of the dry season) and was a really good time. The highlight of the trip was our guide, Johann's I believe who took what would have been a good day and turned it into a great day! I would highly recommend doing this, or the Tully river if you get a chance in Cairns!

fun day on barron

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Just do it!! we had so much fun with Tim & Scott as guide. Lots of laughs but when its time to row... we were so focused. Its a must do activity when you visit Cairns THANKS GUYS

Abosolutly AMAZING.!!!!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating If you go to Cairns then this has to be done..!!! White water rafting on the Tully river seriously was one of the best things i have EVER done.! Our guide was called Rod, he was an experienced rafter and made everyone feel at ease and a good laugh. Some of the views of the surrounding forrest were breath taking and if it wasnt for the rapids, you realy would sit and stare all day!!!

Absolutely amazing! You won’t regret it!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating White Water Rafting wasn't something we planned to do when we went to Cairns but we heard it was fabulous so we signed up with RnR White Water Rafting which our hostel said was the best. It was definitely the most fun I have had in a long time and I would do it again in a heartbeat! We went down the Tully with our fabulous, hilarious guide Macca made the day absolutely perfect! You start off slow to get used to it and they are very good about safety!

Stop farting around and just do it already, you won’t regret it!

short prom dress It is essentially a day tip out to Tully River where you spend well over 3 hours going through level 4 rapids and waterfalls. You will get to see some truly breathtaking views of the mountains, mist, river, waterfalls etc. I wouldn't recommend bringing a camera or anything valuable on the trip as you won't have anywhere to put it while rafting, plus you will get soaking wet. Do dress appropriately as advised by the website.

Best White Water Rafting!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Had a great time, rafted some awesome rapids. All round fantastic day!

Wear shorts, cause its going to be an amazing bumpy full on ride of your life!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Well after the 2nd rapid, having tipped our raft. and how full on the rapid was! I was amazed on how quick and efficient our guides where! After that I knew it was going to be an extra ordinary day, one I will never for get! allota from South Australia

River Rafting Madness!

trip_advisor_5_star_rating The most fun I've had with my pants on. Actually they came off a couple times so it was an all-around good time! If you go to Australia you simply have to take a trip with these guys.

top experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating wonderful staff, top guys, and most exhilarating experience

Great fun with safe & knowledgable staff

trip_advisor_5_star_rating None of us had ever done any type of water rafting before, so we were a little apprehensive. The guides however went through in great depth whilst we travelled to the location and also let us have a little practice when we got to the river. When we had passed all the rapids, there was even time for a nature and history lesson about the local area. Great fun with a wonderful company.


trip_advisor_5_star_rating Tully River was a great experience. The guide was super friendly and the people on my raft were hilarious. I ended up making two new friends from this. I would love to try the North Johnstone River next time. krazy31 from Germany

Superb White Water Rafting with Rnr

trip_advisor_5_star_rating White water rafting with RnR was awesome.....much better than the raging thunders at the barrons.......our guide wastop notchprofessinal...and a real funny was plenty of fun!!!! MasterPimp from Brisbane, Australia

Amazing, Fantastic, Adrenalin Rushing Experience

trip_advisor_5_star_rating Everyone who loves the water needs to go do the Tully and awaken themselves to the experience.. Really opens up the body and soul and makes sure you know your alive 🙂 becwesterman from Cairns, Australia

I can highly recommend this Australian Adventure

trip_advisor_5_star_rating I can highly recommend this Australian Adventure experience to all travellers visiting Queensland a must do in Cairns. A great Day spent with great people who make the experience truly and adventurous one.

Definately good fun and well worth doing

Excellent fun, exhilarating!! Sometimes scary but you know the instructors are extremely good at what they do so you know you're safe. All instructors had a great sense of humour and were friendly. Amazing scenery on the Tully river. well organised.

I went rafting …. and I survived!!!!

Rafting is not for the light-hearted and when I looked death in the eye on the DD rapid on the Tully it is something I will never forget. We had a fantastic day - everything was well organised & ran very smoothly - I would highly recommend it for thrill seekers GillmeisterSydney from Sydney, Australia

The Tully River rafting

The Tully River rafting is amazing fun. I could not forget jumping from the fall. 🙂 It was my best experience in Australia!! Chanwook from Trondheim

A great day out

Although the water was a little low, the rapids were still great fun. I'd been rafting before in other countries, so was looking forward to this one too. There were 8 of us in the raft, 7 travellers and 1 instructor. Along with us there were several other rafts too, all heading down the Tulley river. With so many rafts, we often had to wait to others to catch up.It slowed the day down, along with the instructors having to get out to act as safety guides when the other rafts had to go down the rapids. This meant that we often had a lot of waiting. However the instructors kept us entertained and a few times we were allowed to drop into the river and float down stream in our lifejackets.

Awesome experience

There were 2 main companies running white water rafting in Cairns, both with similar cost and itinery. We went for the Tully River 1 day water rafting experience with RnR. The company bus picked us up on time, and catered for all our safety, hunger needs. There were plenty of instructors per crew, and overall the instructors were very professional and looked after our safety. Felt very safe and comfortable throughout the day. It was an awesome experience that everyone should try out! Traveller3333